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It seem like not everybody agrees with Downzoning the area. I for one don't agree either, we should be upzoning the area. I'm sure there are many who agrees with me. Look at the Queensboro downzoning initialitive, there are many opposition. It's time for them to get united.
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Not Anonymous

My family and I have lived in this area since 1953. I was born in Flushing Hospital, attended St. Mary's School, Attained my first job as a boat tender in Kissena Park and continue to enjoy this residential area for what it was intended to be.

We came here and have invested our time and money into this community for the
quality of life and not primarily for financial gain.

For everything, there is a time and a purpose.

There are those that would like to invest in properties for financial purposes only, create inappropriate population density and make

There are plenty of areas that would appreciate increased development in this
great city, why not take advantage of them and not us.

All of us have worked hard to establish the present zoning code and stand behind it. We built this community and deserve enjoyment of it............

Alan Kochta

Alan Kochta

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Flushing Fantastic

Well said Alan,
I agree with everything that you said.
Flushing is a wonderful place. John Bowne would have been very proud of you.
Have you checked out the Bowne House or the Quaker Meeting place on Northern Blvd yet? A lot of information on the beginnings of Flushing Fantastic can be found there.
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Rezoning is for those who care:

I very well understand why you favor upzoning rather than downzoning in a community like ours. You simply love money more than a decent way of life. You would sell anything for the right price regardless of its relationship to you. Your home, favorite photo album, family pet or maybe even a family member for enough money. I have worked hard for many years to help rezone our neighborhood to what we have today and am very proud of our success. We now live in a stable community free of fear that a bulldozer will be tearing down the house next door to build an apartment house. It's a place where a family can be happy and raise children. If I look for investments I seek out properties in an area set aside as investment properties or invest wisely in the stock market as I have been doing for the past forty some odd years. Please my friend, don't move into my neighborhood!

PS; At least have the guts to post your name.
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