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 Gwinnett Citizens,


I am sorry to inform you that it does not appear that the Recall Committee will be granted the ability to petition on July 20th the Primary date and Mr. Bannister's stall tactics have effectively cost the recall effort thousands of signatures.  Instead of facing his constituency he has chosen to visit China at a most opportune time to postpone the hearing for his recall and allow his recent DUI charges to fade into the past; alot like the hundreds of additional dollars he has attached to your property tax bill will, without explanation.  I'm hoping that is not the case with all of you who have expressed your desire to take our local government in a different direction from spend and tax, or error and have the taxpayers pickup the tab, towards fiscal accountability and ending the stranglehold of privatization of government services in order to eliminate accountability.  How's that trash service so far everyone and tell me who you call if you have a problem with a particular vendor?  And now even though we are taxed on 2006 appraisals we will further erode the value of all homes within 10 miles of Briscoe Field with it's expansion and full exploitation.  Please see the attached file.  But life in Gwinnett County is getting better with the decisions of our BOC, none of whom live in the flight paths.
Randolph W. De Vault
Gwinnett Recall Committee
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