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School Board Election

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Dear friends and neighbors, 
Please be informed about the upcoming School Board Election.  For whatever reason, there is a lot of money from outside of the district trying to influence this election.  Please check out the resources below and feel free to share them with friends who live in the district.  I support the two people who believe in our district and have our students in mind when making all decisions.  I support Dave King and Julie Feasel.

Brad Sprague's (district's financial advisor) letter to editor at ONE Olentangy:
Michael Tracy's (chair of Olentangy's Finance & Audit Committee) letter to editor at This Week:
Julie Feasel and Dave King Video
Message from Roger Bartz
Friends and Neighbors,
I am sure many of you received a “robo call” last night from former OSU quarterback Stanley Jackson in support of Brian Helwig and Katy Barricklow. Here are some facts for you to consider:
1. Mr. Jackson represented himself as a member of the state board of education when in fact he was appointed to the position by Governor Kasich and shortly after it was revealed he did finish his undergraduate degree. He did step down from that appointment.
2. Also Mr. Jackson has connections to charter schools and supports those entities.
3. Finally, Mr. Jackson lives in Marion, does not educate his four children here, but wants to influence our voters with this “celebrity” status.
4. Remember that State Senator Kris Jordan, who lives in Ostrander and not OLSD, is also supporting Helwig and Barricklow.
As well, has also refuted the latest mailing from Helwig and Barricklow. You can view the results at:
In addition, if you want to hear how Olentangy teacher feel about Julie Feasel and Dave King, view this YouTube video:
Finally folks, in just the last week, nearly all of the “facts” presented by Helwig and Barricklow have been refuted regarding finances, bonds and spending. They do not nor do they want to educate their kids here. They are calling in folks to support them who do not live in our district. They continue to focus on dollars over kids. They have ties to all sorts of special interest groups, some direct, some indirect through those who support them, all of whom want to scuttle this district. The challengers continue to ask if we can afford to keep our current BOE members, but I would challenge you to consider, can we afford the challengers? I do not think so.
Get this info out! Share it and please vote next Tuesday for Feasel and King!

Roger Bartz
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