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Cell Phone Towers!!! Continued!!

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6. The US Fish and Wildlife Dept. calls for a biological assessment before cell phone antennas are installed, especially in ?‘flyover areas?’ like Berkeley, which is on the pathway for migratory birds.
7. Since Patrick Kennedy bought the building all of the zoning conditions have been ignored and broken without impunity?—his trucks block the streets and the sidewalks, he changed the door entry, took away the parking lot, is greatly expanding the number of lockers?—turning the driveway that is supposed to be for drop off into a locker area.
8. The entire Zoning file for the building has recently been stolen, but neighbors know this is a new and dangerous use of the Shattuck Avenue Storage. The rules say no one can go within ten feet of the antennas when they are operating; we?’re told maintenance will be once a month. Why would the City allow this high tech dangerous equipment at a business that has no history of handling it and has a history of ignoring whatever the needs of a neighborhood are.
9. The ZAB discussed the Berkeley Ordinance only in terms of the ?“needs?” of the company. What about the needs of this neighborhood? Our own independent analysis of the Corporate ?‘coverage maps?’ shows an expansion in band width, not penetration.
10. Berkeley?’s own Health Commission has called for the use of the Precautionary Principle or a Moratorium, based on the demonstrated health risks and ongoing research into them.
11. If only the ?“needs?” of the telecommunications companies are taken into consideration, where will this stop. Berkeley is not known for inadequate cell phone coverage, to the contrary. Using the measure the ZAB used in this case, you could have 40 companies claiming ?“need?” for saturation coverage. Other cities put their citizens first and I think Berkeley can do the same.
12. This cell phone installation is greatly hurting the attractiveness and value of a neighborhood that has fought one house at a time to raise itself up, there is no reason why the profits for telecommunications companies and Developers should get to override those years of struggle and hard work by individuals and families in this neighborhood. The basic payment for each antenna is estimated for developers and landlords at $2000 a month each?—in this scenario $36,000 month or $432,000 a year.
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