Sad Situation

Posted in: Kentucky

I am Lisa Wise.  I have lived in DHE since 1999.  The problem with my one neighbor started on day 1.  Instead of talking to us about anything she reported us.  She knew us because we introduced ourselves to her.  Not only that but if our high school children had friends stay the night she called the police because their cars were parked in front of our home for 1 night.  I know this because the nice police ladies told me.  They stated they had stopped coming to calls from her because she called them constantly. Recently she had another neighbors truck towed.  It was his sisters from California visiting.  I know this is true because another neighbor witnessed her going to the vehicle, writing the license number on paper and going back into the house.  2 hours later their truck was towed.  She did not have the decency to even speak to them about it.  Cut to 4-2019.  My husband and I have gotten a divorce.  Life is never easy.  He and I have had more than our share of troubles, more than I care to share.  We have been working on getting packed and getting our home ready for market.  This neighbor texted my son 3 months ago, she actually had the balls to inquire to him what was going on with at my home.  He did not answer her.  Now she has called the police and is spreading untrue rumors that our home is a "drug home".  She is telling people we have "squatters" living there.  NONE of this is true.  The police have searched my home and now I have a note to call the president of the association, left on my door.  My family is going thru a very difficult situation and we do not need this harassment. My attorney will be getting in touch with this neighbor because I frankly cannot take any more.  I have too much on my plate as it is.  I am writing this because I have had it.  This is an educated, older woman.  When her husband died she asked for our help and we gave it to her.  I cooked 2 meals for her during this difficult time and yet she still does this.  I want everyone she has spoken with to know my house is NOT a drug house.  We do NOT have squatters.  Someone is there at least 3 times a week doing something.  I am at 1006 Chesterton place.  Please help stop these LIES and untrue stories.  Our home goes up to market the first part of May.  I really do not need nor is it fair for this to be going on.  What does it mean to be a neighbor?  Kindness, compassion, friendship? Not from this lying, trouble making, no good, sad woman.  I hope you pray daily ma'am.  God will at least know your lies. 

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