Speed humps in our neighborhood?

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I think the newly adopted policy should be posted on our website. I think that most people don't know that if they are installed our streets may not get snow plowed, or either they'll have to be removed then re-installed at the property owner's expense. Also, I have heard my neighbors complain about speeding (which yes, is bad, especially on Roanoke where it's nice and wide) however no one wants the hump in front of their property. Come on, now really, don't ask for speed humps if you're not willing to have it in front of your own house, if the engineers say that's the best place for them. I'm all for slowing these drivers down, but taking away parking on our street for the humps is not so cool. It's already hard to find a place to park out front because of there aren't enough parking spaces on Bardstown Road to accommodate all the business those restaurants take in. Residents just really need to think it out and not jump the gun on those requests.

By Michaella Gibney
Thanks for reminding me!

Yes, I should have had the speed hump policy put on here when it was adopted by the Councilmen a couple of months ago. I should add that any request for them should be made through MetroCALL at 311 or through Councilman Owen's office, 574-1108. I've put the policy under Police and Safety since this has come about because of speeding concerns.

Also, everyone should know that Councilman Owen does not support speed humps.  The financial cost must come from the neighborhood (or street) that wants the speed humps.  There's criteria you have to met and if met, also a petition process.  See the policy in the Police & Safety section.

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I am totally against this, I bet you didnt know that in the long run you will be having your tires aligned evey 2-3 years. BigO and the other crooks in town just love to see this type stuff, heck i bet they would put up some money to get speed bumps every where since it is easy money to align and then extract money  from  you saying ....ohh yeah you need 500 doallrs in front end parts also. lets not be stupid those speed bumps wont stop speeders if that what they want to do ...heck the masilbox next dorr to me hasnt stopped them why would some little bumps?

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