Kensington Place HOA

Manhole/ Water Maintenance

Letter of Resolution - CCWS

Thank you for your message to the CCWS on 8/12/03. We have found one of the sources of the problem to the leaking manhole was groundwater infiltration into four manholes up gradient from the manhole that was leaking into the street. As you know, your sewer system is not active at present, so it is susceptible to extraneous sources of water such as groundwater infiltration. This water has to surface somewhere, so it surfaced at the most down gradient point. We are in the process of correcting this problem by re-grouting the manholes affected. This action will stop the groundwater infiltration into the seams of the manholes.

Also, we have performed a video inspection of the subdivision’s sewer system and have determined that there are no additional sources of infiltration into the sewer mains. They are intact.

However, there is another problem in which you as homeowners will have to participate. Built into the sewer laterals in each homeowner’s yard are plastic cleanouts. These white plastic pipes are 4 inches in diameter and are built into the house laterals to assist plumbers in the future to clean out your house lateral in the event you experience a blockage. They were originally set just above the grade of the yard, usually within a few feet of the house foundation, and topped with a cap. We have found that in approximately 38 of the 50 homes we examined, these cleanouts have been damaged over time and need to be repaired. They are now acting as direct sources of surface water flow into your sewer system. Every time it rains, these affected cleanouts are introducing surface water into the sewer system, which along with the groundwater infiltration in the manholes eventually manifests itself as water coming out of the most down gradient manhole. The infiltration into the manholes will be corrected shortly; however, the problem with the water leaking into the street from the down gradient manhole will not be eliminated until the cleanouts are repaired. It is the policy of the CCWS that cleanouts on house sewer laterals are the responsibility of the homeowner, as they are on private property and part of each homes plumbing/drainage system.

It would help solve the problem of the leaking manhole significantly if you would request that each homeowner look at and repair as needed their respective house lateral cleanouts. In most cases only the caps have been removed. Replacement caps can be found at most plumbing stores or home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. In some cases, the cleanouts have been damaged by lawnmower blades or landscaping actions and may need more extensive repairs. A plumber could help the homeowner with these problems or the homeowner could repair the cleanout using products again from a home improvement store.

I would be pleased to offer any additional suggestions or assistance you may need in this matter. Thanks again for your message to the CCWS.


Kendall M. Jacob

Cobb County Water System

Telephone: 770-419-6359

Fax: 770-419-6246

Posted by myjani on 09/17/2003
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