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Aug 11, 2002

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July 28, 2002

Letter from your President

Hello friends and neighbors. We are at the half way point of this year and it is time for the second quarterly meeting. It is again scheduled for the Pavilion at Sun Valley Beach. The date reserved is August 22nd, at 7 PM. Things to be covered at this meeting are:

?· A proxy will be delivered to each members home about two weeks prior to this meeting. This proxy will call for a vote on increasing the number of voting members on this board from 3 to 5. I strongly recommend this. Since, we are attempting to manage our association without a management company, the members will be better represented with 5 voices making the decisions. Remember that we must have a quorum of members represented to call a point to a vote.

?· Since this board and Architectural Review Committee want to satisfy the majority of homeowners with the decisions we are making. We want to open the floor for discussion as to what the majority of homeowners want our Letter of Design Standards to say. We are limited to some degree by our By-Laws, but we have room for change, if the homeowners want, with our Letter of Design Standards. The majority at the meeting will decide which points we will discuss. I do not believe that we will have time enough to discuss and change every point. A copy of the current Letter of Design Standards is attached.

?· We will offer a revised budget to be voted on for the second half of this business year. As you know the one voted on at the annual meeting had many charges that are no longer necessary and self-management has added some other expenses. A copy is attached to this newsletter for your review.

As you see, this will be a very important business meeting and I hope that everyone can attend.

GOOD NEWS?—I HOPE THAT EVERYONE AGREES!!! Some research has proven that on this date ?“not one homeowner has a lien filed against their property?”. There are records indicating that the previous board has been charged lien fees by the prior management companies, but the county shows no record of liens against Kensington Place Property owners.

BAD NEWS?—I AM SURE THAT EVERYONE AGREES!!! Some of our homeowners have failed to pay their dues. We have sent out nice reminders and have now followed up with a statement indicating that we will have to begin assessing interest. We had a good response to our initial communication to homeowners. Some people sent in their check and others who had paid were able to provide copies of canceled checks to assist us in correcting the records. If there is anyone else who has paid, but has received a statement, please do not ignore it. We need help from everyone to insure that we have correct records. Our records indicate that we have outstanding dues of over $4,000.00. Thank you to all of those of you who have taken care of paying their dues. As we all know, they are due annually. The statement is mailed to your home every January in the amount of $125.00. Having to notify our neighbors that they are delinquent in paying these dues is very difficult. So please pay your dues if you owe them so that we will not have to take additional steps.

Our Sunshine Committee worked hard to put together our Second Annual BAR B Q. Mother nature did not corporate and it was rained out. The Bar B Q is rescheduled for Saturday August 10 from 1PM to 6PM in the Darrowby Cul-de-sac If the weather causes a delay again, please check the web site for updates and another date. Food and soft drinks are provided by the association. We encourage each of you to bring your favorite dessert. You may want to bring a lawn chair. A flyer with complete details, menu, activities and more will be given to everyone about a week before the event. I hope to see everyone there and I thank this committee for their hard work and dedication to our community. Anyone who might want to volunteer to assist , please contact Christina De La Cruz at 770-222-7149 or Louis Kates at 770-439-9576.

The Sunshine Committee has worked very hard all year. So far they have had a successful Yard Sale and are planning another for the fall. They put together gift baskets and held a drawing for Mothers & Fathers Day. The winners for the Mothers Day Baskets were Lillie Hathaway and Dana Burton. The Fathers Day baskets went to Chris Aller and Eddy Lubin. Congratulations to those winners.

Attached is a financial report for the period from 5/l/02 to 7/21/02. Total expenses for this period were $2,527.16. No other 3 month period should have expenses this high, because we were paying delinquent charges (utilities & lawn care) as well as the expense of the Annual Bar B Q, having checks printed, renting a Post Office Box and other start up costs. We have $10,000 of the $14,859.54 of funds in a separate interest bearing account. I am very pleased with the progress of the financials and the work put into it by our Treasurer, Ted Pearse.

I want to thank all of you who have sent communications to us. This is the only way that we can gauge how we are doing. We have received request for sheds, fences, landscape changed and general information via the web site and the post office box. We appreciate hearing from each of you. To date, we have responded to every request and taken action on every complaint given to us. We apologize that for sometime the sprinklers were coming on at the wrong times. That was pointed out by a concerned neighbor and we had the issue corrected. We continue to hear from neighbors about pets being allowed to run freely and encourage each of you to contact the Cobb County Animal Control 770-499-4136 when you observe them. It appears that the majority of them do not belong to Kensington Place Homeowners. Animal Control patrolled for awhile, but it appears that no one has seen them lately. Cobb County has a very strict Leash Law and enforce it. I keep hearing about neighbors walking dogs on a leash which is the preferred method. Please be courteous to your neighbor. If your dog stops on someone?’s lawn, please be prepared with a poopy scooper and a disposal bag. Please respect your neighbors property. This is not an issue that the Homeowners Association should have to police. It is a matter of respect and I know that all of us want to be respected.

It seems that our neighborhood is responding well to the reminders being delivered for violations. It is working much better than when the management company had someone come through every 4 to 6 weeks. Thank you for the positive reactions. We continue to have fewer and fewer violations. When you see our Patrol walking the neighborhood, please offer them constructive feedback. This is how we grow. You may have an issue that they have overlooked or you may have a very good reason that a condition they feel is in violation cannot be corrected in a timely manner and they would appreciate your feedback.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

Jeanie Stooksbury
Kensington Place Homeowners Association

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