Kensington Place HOA

A Letter from the President

Mar 28, 2002

Letter from your President?—Jeanie Stooksbury March 2002

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to lead our homeowners association into our second year of organization. I want to share with you some of this boards immediate goals and hopes that many of you will help us be successful. This is our organization. Each of us chose to buy a home in a community with covenants. Now we are challenged to live by those covenants as they are or work to make them what our community wants. I do not feel that any of us want to live in a neighborhood where anything goes and our property values are not protected. We need to have some very open and honest dialogue to educate each of us what our covenants really say and understand what that means to each of us. Spring is here and we all want to make improvements. Please remember the GOLDEN RULE.If what you are doing will make a change to the exterior of your home or yard, please submit a request to the ARC (Architectural Review Committee) before you proceed. Please continue to forward these to Township Residential Management, 3131 Piedmont Road, Suite l00, Atlanta, GA 30305. If anyone has submitted and not received a response, please communicate directly with us via our website or by calling Township Residential Management at 404-233-1551 extension 103 or Fax 404-233-4625.

At our Annual Meeting, concerns were raised about the lack of fulfilling the obligations by our current management company. Concerns that financial reports and obligations have not been met in a timely manner. Another concern of the homeowners present is the unsightly lots that have debris dumped.

By the close of that meeting and since, the representative of Township Management has been working to save our business. She has just taken this account and everything is blamed on communication problems.
l. She has agreed to give Kensington Place a month of service at no-charge. This will be credited at $250 per month for the next two months.
2. She has sent a letter to the builder insisting that these lots be cleared and has given them 30 days in which to respond. We have not yet received a copy of this letter. I am anxious to review it.
3. We have had a walk through our subdivision to help educate your new board on the particulars and the responsibility that we have accepted. We learned a lot but that will be an ongoing process.
4. Township Management has resolved the hardware & software problems that caused the financial reports not to be provided. They have assured us that they will be in our hands by the 10th of the month. Income tax for 2001 has been filed and we will have a copy in our April 10th package.
5. The representative of Township Management has resolved to meet with our board members in person at least once every 60 days to update and answer any questions that we may have.

As you see, this board has our hands full and want to share with you our goals for the immediate future. We hope that after the first 30 days we will have these details under control and will move on to the goal of making our neighborhood a more fun place to live and help each of us see the value to our dues.

?· We will determine if this management company has acted in our best interest and whether or not their services need to be kept. Part of the process is to audit the finances.
?· It has been recommended and seems to be the best idea that we increase the number of members of our board from the existing 3 members to 5. This should provide this association with better representation and more opinions at each board meeting. In order to accomplish this, we will need to send a proxy to the membership and receive a positive response from at least two-thirds of the membership. We will send this out very soon, as we are having this document drafted by the management company to insure that we meet the necessary legal standards. We will provide more details with the proxy for everyone?’s consideration.
?· We hope to establish committees to help us take care of business and add activities and benefits to our association. Please respond on the website with your interest in helping or recommendations.
?· We will determine what our options are regarding these empty lots that have had items dumped which creates an eyesore in our neighborhood.
?· We are committed to having fewer violations in our neighborhood by helping everyone understand our covenants and providing detailed and responsive feedback to request.

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