Kids Safe, Community Secure

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Children are our future. With spring company a lot of kids seem to end up turned out on the street long past the time they should be like after dark and also doing things they shouldn't be doing, like riding off road vehicles on the streets. Its against the law to ride those kinds of vehicles on the streets, its also noisy and not neighbor friendly. What can we do together to make sure our kids are safe and that part of being a good citizen is to be a RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN, i.e. not letting our kids wander after dark or participate in unsafe, illegal activities. Any ideas how we address these types of things amongst ourselves instead of having to resort to ''higher ups'' to get it done? Can't we police ourselves? Can't we all be good neighbors who like and respect each other and are able to co-exist peacefully. Part of the dynamics here is the diversity of the people living here who have different backgrounds and cultures, that should make us richer not divided. In can work that way if we try.
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