Threat to my dog's life

Posted in: Chaumiere
Sunday, October 9, 2006. A neighbor approached my house. I was vacuuming and heard the doorbell and went and answered it. I was told if I didn't take care of the damned dog that barked all the time that he was going to shoot it. My protective instinct kicked in immediately and I stepped toward him and said ?“Let me get this right, you are threatening my dogs?”. He stood there while I got a pen and paper to write his name down, so that when I contacted the police I could tell them who he was.

I came to find out during our brief conversation that he'd been woken up most likely, many nights by a dog barking somewhere near Montgall and Russell Road... he'd assumed it was one of mine. My dogs are inside dogs for the most part, if they are outside they are usually chewing on bones on the deck...otherwise they are in my house... They sleep inside and don't usually go out after about 9 p.m. as I get up early for work.

When he left my daughter and I were still shaken, and so with this fresh in my mind, I called 911. They said they'd send an officer out. 30 minutes later a received a call from that officer. I heard the same thing I heard 3 years ago, pets are considered personal property. They couldn't charge this man with anything... I insisted they go and speak to him, which they did.

If you own pet's in the Chaumiere area, please keep them inside, if your dogs bark, check on them and bring them in. I would hate for any other families and children to go through what my daughter and I have been through.

Act responsibly, don't let your pet's run loose or become nuisances to your neighbors... one person's lack of caring can ruin all of our rights to have pets in our homes.

By A home owner
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