Tactful way to tell neighbors to fix up their house

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We live in an older neighborhood, where 99 percent of homeowners take care of the inside/ outside of their houses. We are all hard working people who have nice green grass and flowers out front. Our homes are painted and well maintained.  Even though the neighborhood is old, we are keep our houses nice.


There is a family that lives down the street that has never associated with any of the neighbors.  They are total slobs.  I can't begin to tell you what slobs they are.  11 cars parked in their driveway and on the street. NO--Olathe does not have an ordinance on how many cars you can have as long as they run. Nice, huh?  There are THREE families living there. Two of the girls and their dead-beat husbands moved home with their kids.  No-Olathe does not have an ordinace on that either.  They are totally into Nascar. Money to go to Nascar, money to watch the Nascar channel ($200 /month), Money to race cars, but no money to fix the light hanging from their front porch, or fix the rip in their screen out front, or fix the leak in the water pipe inside their house, or cut down dead trees in their yard, or plant flowers, trim bushes, plant grass. 


OH--and our neighborhood does NOT have a HOA.  


We moved here from out of state, and honestly I have hated every minute living here because of these neighbors.  My husband is retiring next year and we have expedited our  move date because of these neighbors.   Talking to other neighbors who live closest to this family and they are also fed up with the way they live.  Can't imagine living next door and looking at that house all day .


None of us have the civility to talk to them -like I said earlier. They have never associated with any of the neighbors. Keep to themselves and their Nascar friends.  


What would you do? Write an anonymous letter?  We've contacted the city, but the city does not have ordinances on these things.  


Signed  SILLY

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