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Almost everyone has heard that Google Fiber is coming to both sides of Kansas City. This has been very exciting news! I will be attending the Give Us A Gig event this week to learn more about how Google Fiber can make a difference in our communities and how this will benefit businesses and residents.

I am very excited about all the buzz! The potential benefits to schools and healthcare are going to be great but it doesn't end there...

Google Fiber has already added a new focus to Kansas City. Google is huge. Kansas City has already had an increase attention from around the world already! This could create more opportunity for big and small businesses. More business can create many more jobs. More jobs creates more money, more money lessens poverty, creates more spending and helps our communities grow. We are looking at positive ecomonmic development if we put utilize it!

Let’s face it; we've been in a slump. Most of us have all felt the hit from this down economy. Some families have gone from making a decent living to struggling to barely get by. Our neighborhoods have been in a slump. It's difficult to keep real estate values stable when many homes in the neighborhood are vacant, being foreclosed on, sitting until they begin deteriorating or otherwise become unsightly and eventually selling for way under value.

We would all like to see the value of our neighborhoods go up. We need more opportunity, less foreclosures, fewer depressed neighborhoods (and neighbors), and more employment!

I believe that bringing Google Fiber to our city will help provide an opportunity for growth in our communities. It will be up to the citizens to take advantage of the opportunity and expand it!

If you would like to talk more about how Google Fiber can benefit our community, contact me any time. I would love to share how we can all get involved in the Google Fiber opportunity and how this could help our economic development.

I'm excited about what this means for the real estate market and my business. I hope that everyone else is as enthusiatic as I am about it!


Christine Anderson

(816) 217-6028

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I went to the Give Us A Gig event hoping to have many questions answered. I left with few questions answered and several new questions. I'm still totally excited about what Kansas City can do with this. Many other people who attended the even had questions too. When willl it be available? How much will it cost? How does it work? Who will be making it work? Will there be additional services? Why did Google choose Kansas City? Where will it first be active(My #1 question!)? And a question that I really hadnt given much thought... Is 100x's faster internet necessary in the home? Some people suggested that the speed of the internet that they currently have is fine with them. That is understandable. I'm okay with it too. I was okay with dial up until DSL became available. Now I prefer the high speed cable. Obviously we don't all need this ultra high speed internet in our home but it would be nice. Heck, most people had legs when the wheel was invented.


The speed of this internet and bringing it into our homes isn't necessarily the big picture here. It's more about the opportunies! By bringing Google Fiber throughout our city, we have an opportunity to advance our city's education, health care, public safety, job opportunities, livlihood and so much more!

We have an opportunity to bring in businesses large and small. Businesses want to work faster  and more efficient. They not only want the technology but they also need the technology to stay competitive. This kind of technology can, will and already has drawn interest from businesses, entrapaneurs, and people to Kansas City. 

Businessses bring with it job growth. WE NEED MORE JOBS! Jobs lead to spending, spending leads to revenue and revenue improves our chances for economic growth.

Google has given us an opportunity but it is up to us to utilize it to make it successful. The interest we take in Google Fiber will determine where it is available. I believe that where Google Fiber is, is where we will see out community grow.


If you want to talk more about Google Fiber or the real estate market, you can contact me any time.


Christine Anderson

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(816) 217-6028

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