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I know it sucks for immigrants to come to America and be discriminated against or worse turned away. It's even when your own people, even same race, White, turn on you for petty non-sense and do it for years. I could kill any of them with my bare hands but they are too cowardly to torture me that way. It's electronically mostly whispering humiliating insults from a distance which over time is like water torture, drops on your head and they are very specific and oddly sexual in the content of their cruelty. I would have killed myself but I want to take them with me first and those that enable them.

Also they have poisoned me. When I had a condo I'd feel drops hit me from the ceiling fan and ceiling lights often when cooking food. Once I was sitting at my computer with a glass of water and saw it and heard plop. In my glass dropped a marble size blob of not water. It dispersed in about 10 minutes. They neighbor upstairs was obviously involved. I confronted him a few times then he suddenly moved out saying it was because of me, then oddly filed a civil case for harassment against me. They just saiud to not contact each other.He had been working on his floor for a while. They put in new hardwood before I moved in so I thought that was it. Often when they'd do this stuff my skin would burn. I started wearing hoodies at home but my face and hands would still burn. In my bathroom I caught them using a plumbers snake with camera coming down through the ceiling vent/fan. I'd heard them but pretended not to and walked out then ran back andstood on the toilet and unscrewed it and saw the thing. I heard a guy say oh shit pull it out and 2 guys laughed. I moved 4 times trying to get away. Tukwila, Seattle and now Kirkland, WA. That makes it clear they are feds. That and local police supporting them regardless of poison and torture. They like to poison me if I do speed like I'll associate the effects of their poison with speed which is ridiculous. I don't associate unrelated events because I'm a human and not stupid. Also it stinks and is caustic, not water soluble. Speed is. It's just a stimulant. Condensed cold medicine. I think they are used to people that smoke cigarettes. I don't. But I don't do that hardly ever any more. I once stopped for over 3 months and they just harassed me about other things. Stupid shit. Mocked how I cooked chicken, said I slept too much and got very involved if I'd look at porn, humiliatingly so. So thgis is what the American government spends it's tax payer dollars on. Ruining lives.

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I just wanted to coattail on one of the posts here for Kaneohe, Hawaii, in order to place an entry that is actually relevant to the 96744 zip code and its surrounding communities, including Kailua where I have also been stalked and harassed.


I reside at the Parkway Community condo complex near Veteran's Memorial Park and Kaneohe Elementary School, where there is extensive "e-vermin" infestation.  My plight as a targeted individual began over four years ago in Daly City, California, at the Eaves and Westlake Village apartment complexes there, and it resumed victimizing me after two months of having relocated here.


Shortly after, I began publishing a monthly "Targeted Individuals Of Hawaii" newsletter.  From my research on the targeted individual phenomenon, I've learned that I am not the first victim to be reporting this in Hawaii.


I would like to hear from those who have tried to reach out before me.  I can be emailed at  Rafael 13Jun17

Don't let it get you down.. that's exactly what they want.. to drive you crazy, make you look crazy, drive you to drugs, or suicide... these bullies are set-up artist who prey on weak minds and emotional distress..  


The first thing you should do is communicate with the people you love in private... make them aware take pictures of them back... Start a discussion with them by text and email and inplicate the cor people you know in the crimes they have inflicted and the laws of your constitutional rights violated.. Do NOT do anything illeagle or allow them to make you mad. Do this legally and with honor. These criminals operate like terrorist groups and may be dangerous. 


This is happening to alot of people.. Keep evidence of cyberbullying. Record the dates, times, and descriptions of instances when cyberbullying has occurred. Save and print screenshots, emails, and text messages. Use this evidence to report cyberbullying to web and cell phone service providers


Steps you can take immediately to protect yourself... "counterintelligence" activities designed to prevent or thwart spying, intelligence gathering, and sabotage by an enemy or other foreign entity.

(keep it civil, tone it down a notch, don't get emotional, watch how you present your evidence... remember they want to make you look crazy)

  1. Tell everyone, that loves you and implicate all of the core people that you can... on paper, email, text... so you have record.. Save to file and have another family save a copy
  2. Begin a paper and documentation trail of your reporting efforts with dates and times (These people are incredibly dangerous and you known to be set-up artist)
  3. Social media awareness (careful how you word it and present it.. remember they make an art out of making you look like the crazy one, tone it down and present fact to inform the public)
  4. Text messages (keep it civil they want to make you look crazy)
  5. Reporting to your service providers known hacking issues about your situation,
  6. Call crime stoppers, police, and victims of crime reporting agencies and make sure you leave a detailed report implicating known parties involved ( public record, safety first!!!!)
  7. File a complaint with the local FBI Office (on paper first while you wait to talk to an agent... or online or all the above.) Yes. someone within the ranks may be apart.. but you can have an electronic record with them and make sure to get a copy for records..
  8. Implicate the core players perpetrating the fear and threats.... Names, addresses, areas of influences (drug element, street people they pay to stalk and track your routes) DO NOT BE AFRAID TO RECORD THEM BACK!!!!!!... Keep a profile of when when what and who!!! they hate exposure and you can turn the table on them and maybe save you self from them actually acting on their threats.
Find others and support groups, activist and constitutional defending journalist, independant papers know to value free speach, and privacy laws of the Americian people..  in your area and talk talk talk.. make flyers with the groups area and core influence.. key players and warn the people in the area about the being aware of stalkers.
I am trying to put together a websit for resources and education ...

To file a color of law complaint, contact your local FBI office by telephone, in writing, or in person. The following information should be provided:

  • All identifying information for the victim(s);
  • As much identifying information as possible regarding the subject(s), including position, rank, and agency employed;
  • Date and time of incident;
  • Location of incident;
  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witness(es);
  • A complete chronology of events; and
  • Any report numbers and charges with respect to the incident.

You may also contact the United States Attorney’s Office in your district or send a written complaint to:

Assistant Attorney General
Civil Rights Division
Criminal Section
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest
Washington, DC 20530

To start out you can get advice and report to :
The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Use thier very tools to harrass you against them... report hacking, threats, and invasions of privacy to as many people as will listen from local activist, journalist, independant papers, investagative groups, city, state, district and Federal protection and reporting agencies.. flood them with indicators (especially if they are perpatrating fear and threatening murder... report to terrorist reporting agencies so they are flagged in everything they do and every device they use.. eventually someone will check them out... someone bigger than they are... Flood them with pointing and exposing them to the right agencies.. Do not let them make you run!!!)

This is my story



I have been being harassed, followed, with threats to my life and set up plots (once i discovered this Satellite community criminal terrorism cell) in Spokane,WA.I do not know if the have links or ties ti Isis, or any other terrorist group). they used fear tactics to try to recruit me, then told me they were doing this to help... but i refused and have been their target. My constant reports of their threats have stopped them through implicating the key players.. as i am doing now, because the threats still come and the illegal surveillance (these are not Military)... Some sort of home grown criminal network bent on controlling others by fear and set up, hacks and death threats.


I have been trying to find a way to get help since about the fall of 2016.. reporting and telling my family and mentors, because these people are dangerous and spread fear and threaten lives with no accountability to the laws of the American People. I live above the main apartment, they have the most traffic and suspicious behavior (mostly at night lately) because they know I have been reporting them (by tracking my phone, computer and following my routine). NOW, they have decided to try to be more careful.. I sleep in my living room, alone and can hear them as they forget when they drink and they get loud.


this group acts a Home grown Vigilantism terrorist type of group and is very tech savvy.. I do not know if they have links to ISIS or are affiliated with any para military group.. But their main weapon is fear and death threats, a bit unorganized, and turn their victims into a private game for sport with their friends or exact judgments and threats on citizens by circumnavigating the laws.. they pay homeless and druggies to follow their victims. This group uses various tactics in very stealthy ways to break privacy laws, hack computers, phones,intimidate and threaten.. Who knows how many people are dead or at risk of being in this groups terror or recruitment ranks. I refused their recruitment and now I am a target. They know I have been reporting them and are desperately trying to find a way to deal with me.


The core of this group lives right below me @911 s walnut street....

a lady named Sherry, her sister, her brother and her Daughter who lives at 1415 w 9th St #5 (or maybe #3 it's sherry's daughter) (not sure what their actual names are i avoid them... and try to mind my own business) Now that they know I am reporting this to everyone because of the death threats especially (and have been reporting since about Oct 2016), they have started to create a facade and front to look like 2 ladies who are nice and innocent.. and toned the traffic down to nights mostly.. but always have new faces in and out (many people have witnessed very heavy drug traffic and odd behavior many times day and night)... many gangster looking natives, one rides an Orange bike (He has threatened a lot.. they have ties to street people and drug culture.

Unknown name, about 5"10" or so bald head hangs out with a chubby native about almost same height they are in their mid 20's or so.


They collaborate with 917 s walnut street a guy named James and His friend that lives in a trailer out towards airway heights.. He drives a Green truck (Name is Unknown).. These guys are a place to switch to when the going gets hot in 911, this is also a hot bed for them to illegally watch and monitor the phones, Smart TV's and Computers they hack to watch people through cameras and listen through their microphones...


All names can be verified by my manager and His assistant (Garrett Bron and Hod Zanck)... they also house these people and this group,


Marcus also lives in this complex and has helped them, He lives upstairs apartment (on 10th and S Walnut St same apartment complex as mine) and is a Computer Science major.. Also helps hack and works at City Hall,


another core component and key Android Phone and Linux hacker is a guy that lives @ 1415 W 9th st #6 I do not yet know His name... He has been seen by many people in OUR garage

(at late nights in my Garage and carport and weird times throughout the day following me with a device) with his phone and devices pointed at my apartment..HE has also been witnessed following me.... as for the hacks I have reported this multiple times to Google, Microsoft, Comcast and AT&T,


When my phones and computers were getting constantly hacked and weird noises (squelching and whistles from frequency hacks, they do this to my home speakers and have fun with frequency devices and feedback to spread terror and intimidate also) were being complained about from my friends and family, when i would call as they received weird calls during these times also (witnesses also documented)


Another very volatile participant that parties with them, but Got evicted. His name is Rico. He talks a lot and gets drunk and brags about their plans and plots (drunk forgetting about how loud he is). Lived on the corner Apartment, off of 10th and Walnut the North East downstairs place... I asked him very calmly if he might be involved in any local hacks or know anything about it... Witnesses saw him Flip out for no other reason and he ran and got a gun and threatened to shoot me if I ever asked him a question like that again... I tried to talk him down calmly and said this is no reason to pull a gun.. The upstairs neighbors...


I reported it to my manager cause i thought it was insane to do and my mentors told me to tell the Managers.. Next day My Manager, The assistant and i calmly went to him and to talk.. HE said sorry... Then HE confessed he did pull the gun.. but that it would be "OK" because... HE "GOT RID OF IT". Sounded to me like he either wasn't supposed to have a gun because of felonies.. or it was a "dirty" gun to "get Rid of".. He confessed to me my manager and the Assistant. One of their friends warned them that what they are doing is illegal And told them to be more careful... If questioned by authorities, and in jeopardy, alone this guy would give them all up...


this group acts a Home grown Vigilantism terrorist type of group and is very tech toy heavy on stalking and monitoring peoples routine.. and/or hacking. I do not know if they have links to ISIS or are affiliated with any para military group.. But their main weapon is fear and death threats, a bit unorganized, and turn their victims into a private game for sport with their friends or exact judgments and threats on citizens by circumnavigating the laws.. they pay homeless and druggies to follow their victims. This group uses various tactics in very stealthy ways to break privacy laws, hack computers, phones,intimidate and threaten.. Who knows how many people are dead or at risk of being in this groups terror or recruitment ranks. I refused their recruitment and now I am a target. They know I have been reporting them and are desperately trying to find a way to deal with me.


NOW they started looking for ways to hurt and set me up or shut me up.... as they lay low. I have had to changed my account and passwords countless time to no avail.. I reported it to Xfinity, ATT, Google, and Microsoft many times to stop the harassment and they began making a deadly game of others lives... NOW That I know and they have been threatening my life now, even more.. but i try to stay in areas with cameras and public people.....I stay to my self.. I live right above them.. so when they either get drunk or high.. I hear them clearly they live below me... The traffic and cars in the driveway are continual... they pay their druggie friends to follow me... take pictures and video and plot to take me down for exposing them and reporting them.They push for fear and control. intimidation and I have reported them many times.. now they have become more desperate in following and plotting... i reported it to local FBI and crime stoppers please help.


These are the people i have reported to on a consistent basis:





Mahalaga Wise(My brother):

Tirzah Wise (My sister):

Erica Caydo:

Bill Schara:

Dough Williams:

John Leohn:

Jeff Grey:

Local crime stoppers


My name is Chris Wise thank you...  

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