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I took the survey but I feel like it is a little misleading. The newsletter states option1 as having trick or treating to Saturday night, Nov. 1st. It went on to say that some residents in the past have opted for a private trick or treat.

Option 2 is to have trick or treating on Friday, Oct. 31st. It went on to say that some residents feel like Halloween should be celebrated on the actual day no matter what day of the week if falls on.

If this survey is only for this year, well that would be fine. However, if this survey is for this year and subsequent years than it should have been a littler clearer.

Option 1 should have said something like: I prefer Halloween held on Saturday night.

Option 2 should have said: I prefer Halloween be celebrated on the actual day.

I personally like Halloween celebrated on a non-school nite. Friday or Saturday night. Fortunately, this year it falls on a Friday night. Therefore, it doesn't matter to me what night it is celebrated on. 

For those parents who commute to work and don't get home til after 6pm, it is difficult to handle schoolwork and dinner on a regular basis. Throw in Halloween during the weekday and we have a very stressful evening.

So, my vote for THIS year would be Friday, but I don't agree with the fact it should be celebrated no matter what day of the week if falls on. We have had Halloween on the weekend for many years, if not from the beginning of this subdivision and it has been wonderful. 

Hammond City Hall states "for now and in the future it will be ON Halloween" however, officials have recommended a change to avoid conflicting with high school football games.

Sounds like double standard to me.



I believe 10/25 would have been a better option for residents. Makes more sense to celebrate earlier rather than later. Also, November 1st is All Saints Day.  I could see this being a problem for some residents.

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I also think that 10/25 would have been a much better option than 11/1.  Who ever heard of a Halloween  thing in November?  

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Who ever heard of Holloween on any day 'other' than Holloween? I personally feel that a holiday is celebrated on the day it is supposed to be celebrated. What next? Christmas because it might be on a weekday and interfer with someone's plans?

I spoke to several people in Jefferson Ct and they totally disagree with the change and will not have their lights on. That is a shame because the kids suffer for this.

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