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Dogs Unleashed & A Mess!!

Posted in: Quincy Hill Townhouse
The problem unleashed dogs and owners not cleaning up the mess continues. If you see a dog running unleased and know the address of the owner, please take a few minutes to file a complaint with Animal Control at 303-326-8288. I've called a few times and the AC officers are very helpful; some QH residents have been fined! :) Irresponsible owners shouldn't have pets or should pay for their laziness. The smell is awful; the mess is unsightly. Some grassy areas are hazardous to walk through, especially at night.

Dogs Unleashed & a Mess!

I quite agree. I have complained unceasingly about the unleashed dogs (which are usually the large breeds). There is a dog park at Cherry Creek--take them there to run. I love dogs, but not ones that weigh 60 lb+ galloping at you at lightening speed and you have this very little dog on a leash next to you. There isn't even any way to protect yourself or your small dog. I will (and have) definitely call Animal Control if I see it.
As for the disgusting dog waste--I am just appalled that anyone would think it is OK to leave that on the ground. We all live here--do you want to live in a septic tank? It is unsightly, messy and a health hazard.
You are correct about walking in the dark because you can't even see it until you have stepped upon it. As warm weather approaches, we will all get to enjoy the ''aroma'' as well.
Come on and pitch in everyone, whether you have a dog or not. If you see your dog owner neighbor allowing these behaviors, please call Animal Control and report them. Thanks.
Apparently a continual problem

Reading through some of the previous postings on the forum, it appears that dogs and their care (or lack thereof) are a continue concern in this community. We are new to the neighborhood, and although have yet to encounter an unleashed dog, we'll admit that a big concern so far is how dog owners are seemingly unconcerned about cleaning up after their pets. It is truly disconcerting to have to be ever careful of ''land mines'' left by others. We have 2 dogs, and we know that it is our responsibility to ensure we and our dogs are neigbors others will enjoy and to leave our neighborhood clean for others. Has there ever been discussion of installing ''clean-up stations'' around the neighborhood? In the meantime, we have invested in very affordable pick-up bags that conveniently attach to the dog leashes and dispense and refill easily. Maybe if enough of us coordinate our efforts, we can implement some change that will lead to a more pleasant common environment. Anyone willing to try?
Dog Waste on Lawns

Unfortunately, the laws are made for the people that don't comply and they don't seem to comply any better when there is a law. If you are a considerate person, you will do the right thing anyway. I would favor ''clean-up'' stations. I have seen them all over the city and in other complexes, but for some reason we do not have any. It is unpleasant to have to carry the ''dog dirt'' all over the complex while you go for a walk.Maybe the best we can hope for is the responsible dog owners report the irresponsible dog owners to Animal Control every time they see an infraction of the law.
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