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''Patience Wore Thin''

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According to the the latest issue of the Quincy Hill Chronicle (volume 23), the Quincy Hill security person was lenient with us in the days after the Christmas blizzard when cars weren't moved in a timely fashion, but ''as days and weeks passed and vehicles were neither dug out nor moved, patience wore thin.''

Who wrote that statement?

Here's why I ask. When the snow plow operator repeatedly decided that the best time to plow the alley behind my condo was after 10:30 p.m., my patience wore thin. When the snow plow broke down the fence behind my condo at 11:30 p.m., my patience wore thin. When the snow plow operators repeatedly pushed head-sized chunks of snow and ice up against my car (requiring me to literally chip it out so that I could drive to work), my patience wore thin. When I had to wait nearly a month for the sideways around my home to be shoved, my patience wore thin. When I nearly plunged head first into an ice bank because there are sheets of ice covering those sidewalks, my patience wore thin.

I have a suggestion. The next time the Board members and/or authors of the Chronicle feel their patience wearing thin, let's all look over the covenants and applicable laws in great detail to make sure no one, tenants and board members alike, are failing to live up to their obligations. I have this feeling that when we start juxtaposing, for example, the board's failure to clear the sidewalks for weeks with some tenants' failure to move their cars after a blizzard, the board might find something better to do than write about the state of their patience.

John T. Grose
Patience Wore Thin


You make some good points regarding the inadequate plowing and the inappropriate statements in Quincy Hill Cronicle.

A few of my neighbors were not able to plow their way out for work on Friday, December 22nd. The snow had stopped by Thursday morning. They were docked a day's worth of pay because most of their colleagues were able to make it to work. When they contacted Emerald Isle, they were told that they removed snow at 2 complexes and took turns on which complex was plowed first. We were second this time around. What? Is this in our contract with Emerald Isle? The road to our homes were not plowed until Friday night and into Saturday AM...10:30pm to 3:00am! I kid you not. We don't need the sidewalks shoveled to get to work; first and foremost should be the streets.

I think this topic should be on the agenda for the upcoming HOA meeting on February 20th.
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