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It was nice to get the ''heads-up'' about the bats. Hopefully, they will disappear soon, but I will be careful taking the cover off the grill.
I think the HOA should do something about banning the bird feeders. I am a nature lover, but all the bird feeders have attracted more birds and pigeons (which we did not have previously). All these creatures can find their own food in nature. We are causing sanitation issues with all the bird droppings and now we have pigeons roosting in chimneys and hanging out on our roofs. Where there is food, there are more mice as well. Luckily, we have a decent cat population, which I think keeps the mice out of my home at least. People are also throwing bread out on sidewalks, streets, etc., for those squirrels/birds. You are not doing these creatures any great service by overfeeding them. There is plenty of food in their natural habitat.

It is unsanitary and it is a known fact that once pigeons roost, they are there to stay. PLEASE, PLEASE TAKE IN THE BIRD FEEDERS AND QUIT FEEDING THE CRITTERS. Does anyone else feel this way? If so, maybe the HOA would enforce something to keep our area clean and sanitary.
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