Jackson Farms HOA

Dogs Off Leash AGAIN!

Posted in: Quincy Hill Townhouse
If you want to own a dog--BE RESPONSIBLE and respectful to everyone living in the QH area. If you don't want to leash and walk your dog, please give the dog to someone who does. Put down the cigarette and the cell phone; put your dog on a leash; walk the dog, pick up the waste, and return home.
I was walking my small dog on a leash, along with a 6-year-old child, a few days ago. In a flash, there was a large dog trying to ''play'' (and my dog does not want to play with a large dog that comes zooming up to us). I had to try to protect my dog and the child (who was scratched by the playful large dog). The owner could neither call the dog back nor catch it. We got ''rushed'' another time by the dog. I will call Animal Control next time as I know where the person lives--if you read this, you might want to consider yourself forewarned.
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