Jackson Farms HOA

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If you are looking at this site for the first time, please let me know what you think. What should be added/deleted
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I don't think alot of people know about this website I just happened to stumble upon it when I was doing research when I was having problems concerning my H.O.A. I was pissed and blogged on it an it releaved some of my frustration, and then it wasn't even that many people at all on then. I feel like you they should advertise this site in the Aurora Sentinal for people to know about this website and it can be a resource for alot of people to air out what is going on in their communities. Maybe this will catch the eye of a state representative to make some changes in some communities and start regulating the H.O.A and Covenant's concerning how they run their businesses. And as a matter of fact I am very resourceful and will call the state in a minute to ask questions and get answers to what company's are doing to whether is it legal or illegal. I just might think about getting a petition signing going and you only have to get so many people to sign and they would begin to govern the H.O.A and Covenant's. That's just what I think, this website could be a very good asset to alot of communities and get registered with the United Way as a mean for people connecting to this site as well to air their issues that really needs to be addressed in their communities and maybe somebody important will take notice of what is really going on in COLORADO

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You've got a poster here who calls himself Zpod.  He's a troll who has infiltrated other sites.  I would guess that as long as he's around here, you won't get much business.

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