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Noise from store workers, friends and family

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Recently a new hair salon and retail clothing shop opened up on a what was a very quiet, mostly residential block - Cooper Street in Inwood.  My first few months were blissful, peaceful and it was heaven moving to Inwood.


A few months ago, a new hair salon and clothing shop opened up - and I have not had one night of peace since.  The barber who works there, invites all of his male friends to congregate on the sidewalk, with chairs and drinks, double parked cars and chatter fit for a baseball game.  I live on the 2nd floor and this is below my windows a little to the left. To make matters worse - the entrance walkway to the basement is right where they sit - so all noise and voices travel down that alley way to the back where several of my windows in my apartment are as well (add the echo and you it's double the volume).


They continually block the sidewalk, hang out, curse, smoke, and have no consideration that this is a residential block even with their stores permits.  (please note that there was a laundromat, a thrift store and previous salon - WITH NO NOISE!)


The women who run/own the store next to the salon keep their children there all day and nights - some as little as babies.  Last night they were screaming at the top of thier lungs funning up and down the street until after 10pm?  And one adult was encouraging them.  First, why are their children there that late, and secondly, there is no excuse for this behavior or noise level any night.  Growing up my parents would have taken me aside for unacceptable public outburst...but I digress.


There has also been a growing number of impromptu parties in front of the school - across the street from the church attended by adults and children with lawn chairs, drinks, cursing, smoking and yelling during the night time.


I have not only spoken to them personally, had a male friends speak to them, called 311 SEVERAL times, and know that the police have been there to speak to them and yet- IT CONTINUES!!!


I love my apartment on Cooper Street - next to the beautiful Franciscan Church near Isham, but my lease just came up for renewal and I'm actually considering moving. And I so love my aparment and the would be such a heartbreak.


Can anyone please, please, please suggest or help with this noise?  I have a job and study and just would like to have the quality and enjoyment of my space.  I do have tolerance - but it's like a barking dog that does not stop - it can become overwhelming and drive you to a breaking point.



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