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To stop the DISSING of womankind

Posted in: Tenants Association-Up Harlem
My name is Theodis. My goal is to build unity within the straight society. BY WHAT MEANS? The Loveography Institute (?“LI?”) is an online school that will help to bring about a new paradigm for today women?’s. A good example, womankind must change her paradigm, in order to stop, the DISSING by the Rappers, and the Radio Personalities.

In order to upgrade womankind images, she must alter the language, to stop the insults, rather than the honors, that are due, for her contributions to humankind. Case in point: Womankind has been characterized for millennia by her peaceful and nurturing manner. The female?’s are the votaries, of that positive ingredient, within every community in the world. The straight person, must pledge unity with our heterophile brothers and sisters in order to stop the DISS. LI objective is to find women, who want to organize, educate and change their ?‘mental?’ image through a Bloodless Revolution.

In the 50's, my mother & father called themselves Negroes or Colored when referring to their economics, their politics or their social setting in the community. For instance, when I stop referring to myself as a Negro or Colored Person, as a teenager, and began using the term African-American in the early 60's, it disturbs the normal stability of my parents. Why? They thought of Malcolm X and the new paradigm, and multi messages that he has bought forth to the youth.

Please go to: Http:// for added information. There are three file folders on this page. The third one is named theodis and inside of that file folder are seventeen files [heterophile] that are ready to be open.
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