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Bus Noise

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I recently movedto Morningside Heights. We've been especially aware of the sound MTA buses make when they ''kneel down'' to pick up passengers. We happen to live on a large intersection where there are multiple bus stops and we hear this noise constantly. Whats more, as a bus rider, its bad enough that you get blasted by the sound of the bus compressor when it kneels, let alone also hit with the annoying beep indicating that the bus is kneeling. I'm told this is a requirement of all busses in NYC in order to qualify for Federal funding. I believe its supposed to make boarding the bus easier for blind riders. I should think they'd hear the blast of air that precedes the annoying beep. Is there any way to do away with this requirement. If you walk down a major avenue in Manhattan this is all you hear as buses stop to pick-up and drop off passengers.

By dman

I live on Seventh Avenue and 28th Street in Manhattan and the DOT gave a provate british bus company rights to use the MTA buss stop here as their BUS TERMINAL.


Screeching loud unbearable diesel buses with hydralic brakes screech outside our window 24 hours in addition to the horrid "clean air hybrid MTA buses" we  have suffered with for years bought for us by people who do not even live here and do not care about the #1complant in NYC....noise.


New noise code was all for show because there is no way to enforce it, no meters and no manpower.


Vote against Bloomberg.

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If you don't like the city noise, move out of State.

I'm living close to 49th street / 1st Avenue bus stop and start to getting crazy about beeping buses when they are "kneeling". Who's idea was that and how can we get rid of this annoying situation? I also wonder how the poor bus drivers can stand that torture. They must've listening that beep all night long in their sleep.

Please HEELP!!!

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