''Free Newspapers'' in Yards

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People who let the Flyer and Messenger and other freebie newspapers lay in their yard by the street need to start picking them up. They are unsightly and make the neighborhood look trashy.

We all need to show some pride in our neighborhood.

Thank You,
I Agree!

I agree these papers are messy looking when they lay in the yards for days and sometimes weeks. I see several piled up which means they are not being picked up for weeks.

If a house is vacant maybe a neighbor could pick up any left there. It only takes a little effort but it makes a difference in the neighborhood.

By Another Anonymous
Call Free Papers Circulation Dpt

By calling rhe ''Free'' newspapers circulation departments and telling them about the messy appearance of newspapers left lying in yards and on our streets, maye we can get them to at least NOT leave papers where it is obvious they are not being picked up.

Each paper has an area of information regarding the management of the newspaper and lists nmbers to call. Suggest they tell their route delivery people to stop delivering to homes where papers are left from previous deliveries. Let us know if this helps!

By Farley Neighborhood Assn Board

I also agree w/you 100%. I find that hardly any of my neighbors pick their papers up from the road/grass, etc. So I give it a couple of days and then I trash them myself. I figure that if they wanted it then they should have picked it up. It's ridiculous that they can walk to their mailboxes to retreive mail, but can't bend down to pick up a paper....people are just too lazy these days.

By Farley Resident
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