Some folks need to clean up

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Most folks in farley do a good job keeping up their property but there are some who don't. I want to keep my property value protected and don't appreciate living next door to a house that looks bad. Everybody needs to make a better effort at keeping our neighborhood in good condition.

I remember when Haughville didn't look too bad but look at it now. Same goes for Eagledale. Another case of letting properties go to the dogs.

I don't want to report on people, but I will if I need to.

By Farley home owner
Thanks for Your Concern

Dear Farley Homeowner:

It is always heartening to know we have concerned homeowners who are willing to express their views about pride in home ownership.

We agree that some properties in Farley need attention. We make periodic drives to inspect neighborhood conditions and report properties which do not meet city county code such as high grass and weeds, unsafe or unsanitary conditions, etc. You can call the Mayor's Action Committee at 327-4622 and report these violations or you can let members of the board know by phone or email if you prefer.

Thanks again!
Farley Board of Directors

By Farley Board of Directors
Call the City if You Need to!

I would not hesitate to call the city if a neighbor isn't doing their part to keep property up. There are some things that are governed by codes such as trash and debris and overgrown weeds and grass. Also boarded up windows and gutters that are hanging off the roof. You don't have to give your name if you don't want to. There was a bulletin issued by the association last fall that gave all the numbers. It is a good idea to keep that bulletin handy.

If we let our neighbors off the hook on these things, it won't be long before Farley becomes another low class neighborhood.

If you have a rental house as neighbors, you can call the assessors office and get the name of the owner and complain to the owner about poor maintenance, too. Call Wayne Township Assessors Office.

By Another Homeowner
100% Agree

I agree 100%! We keep our property looking almost picture perfect...then you look next door and see grass/weeds a foot tall. I do not hesitate to report this type of negligence to properties. If someone doesn't report it then you will have to continue looking at it...and I refuse to look at it. If you don't see any results after reporting, then just keep reporting it, eventually action will happen...I know from experience. And to the rest of you out there that I see working daily in your yards to keep them beautiful...please note that your hard work is very much appreciated!!

By Farley Resident
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