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Could we get a list of board members and where they are located in this site? Also is there another newsletter coming soon? Seems they are very few and far between?



Issues you would like for the board to address should be channeled through Affordable HOA @ 885-7462 attn: Cindy Dean. As for the newsletter, we normally put out two a year and there has been very little feedback or comment on the past newsletters so that project has been tabled for the time being. If you are interested in contributing to a newsletter please let Cindy know.


I guess that I was unaware that we were supposed to give feedback or comments on the newsletters. I personally like to know what is happening in my neighborhood, and look forward to the newsletters. It would be nice if that project began again. I'm sure that most of the neighborhood feels that way.

Point Taken

We will begin to assemble a new newsletter immediately. Perhaps one of our problems was that I wanted to present a product that may have been cost prohibitive. I wanted a color layout and our printing options would not allow for anything that extravagant without substantial cost. It takes about 30 to 40 hours of cumlative work to put out a newsletter and if you feel that most of the people are lining bird cages with it, that makes the task a little more painful. Thanks for showing some interest.

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