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I was under the impression that I was investing in a safer and a nicer neighborhood, but I was highly misled.  I am having some issues  with Indian Falls that I am reaching out to see if other people feel the same way and if we can find some positive way to approach them. 

1.  Street Parking - Some neighbors have 4 or more cars that fill their lots and the streets around them.  I finally got ran off of the road and took out the entire right side of my car and someone's mailbox - thank God no school child was standing there.

2.  Vicious dogs - My kids are afraid to play in their own yard as our neighbors doberman likes to stand there and bark and growl at them.  This dog has gotten out several times to run me into my home and pin another neighbor against their home.  Animal control won't get involved by the way until this dog actually bites...which I cuss will be one of our children getting their face ripped off. 

3.  Vandalism - Neighboorhood kids are litterally breaking down parts of my fence to cut through my yard. 

4.  Inconsiderate neighbors - I have a neighbor who likes to park in front of my house with a quesionable body part suspended from the back of their truck.  I find it highly offensive, there are children here, and I'm tired of looking at it. 


Anybody have any suggestions for me asides from quit complaining or simply moving out like everybody else?




We live in Timberbend and my suggestion would be to move out. We have hillbillies running our HOA and it is very clear that HOA's do not work. We are throeing our  money away investing in this organization. You can call 311 on several complaints but don't expect the HOA to do anything unless it is well organized and has support from the neighborhood. IPL or 311 calls can stop some riff raff such as grass higher than 10 inches, parking in the grass, shingles missing, and fenches falling down ect. This may at least keep up your property values.

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