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Help Needed - Where are the dampers to balance air upstairs and downstairs

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Can someone tell me where the dampers are and how to operate them to balance the ait upstairs and downstairs.


here is no air comming out of the upstairs receivers (even if I fully block the downstairs ones with duct tape) which means there must be dampers in the duct work in the atic, but I dont know wher they are or how o operate them.


Please help before I have to call a heating and air company (and for them to laugh at me while cashing their check) to show me.

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It has been over a year. I was actually looking for the garage sale dates when I stumbled upon this. In the attic. You will find the furnace. This is where you change the filter also. On every duct comming out of the furnace is a small metal handle. This opens and closes the ducts. The damper for Summer/Winter is on the left side on the main duct. The damper is for the attic space to keep it cool in the summer (open) and warm in the winter (closed) . Each duct has its own lever so seems whoever moved out may have done so in the winter when they closed all the ducts. I do that. I guess you called the company by now. But now this is here for anyone else who doe not know.


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