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Open Letter to the Mayor:
My family has just purchased a home in the Cottonwood Neighborhood and feel hoodwinked... it STINKS! I can't believe that anyone in this neighborhood has lived here longer than the exact turnaround time to resell after realizing the SMELLY problem that's carried on the everyday breezes around here. Please do SOMETHING about the treatment plant's smell - it is TRULY awful. We have a two year old and newborn who, I'm worried, will grow up and reminisce that they're reminded of ''home'' every time they catch a whiff of a backed-up toilet. I really hope someone hears our complaints and tries to resolve the issue quickly. I don't intend to let the matter go unheard for long.
Thanks for reading, Casi Kafka.
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The town of Parker has ordinances against foul smells coming from properties and the town of Parker is required to enforce this law even against Parker Water and Sanitation. You can and should complain often to the Code Enforcement department of the Parker Police Department. See below:


6.01.300 - Offensive or unhealthy uses.


No building, vehicle, structure, receptacle or other thing used or to be used, for any purpose whatsoever, shall be used, made, kept, maintained or operated in or retained within the Town, if the use, keeping, maintaining or operation of the same shall be the occasion of any nuisance or danger or detriment to the public health.


Every other act or thing done or made, committed or allowed or continued on any public or private property or place by any person, which is detrimental to health, offensive to sight, smell or hearing or causes damage or injury to any of the inhabitants of the Town, and not otherwise specified in this Chapter, shall be deemed a nuisance.

(Ord. 5.68 §1, 2008)

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