Predatory Lending

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What can I do? I, Regina Upchurch, a residence in the Pittsburgh community since March 31 3010. Is a victim of predatory lending. I lost my home Sept. 4, 2019, on the courthouse steps for back taxes due to the private owner I was buying the home from had not paid the taxes since 2011. This really hurts I was buying the home for $65,000 I had the home paid down to $18,989. Vesta Holding paid the taxes which mean we could be put out any day now. I am a disable senior living on home oxygen with 3-year-old twins in the home and they are asthmatic. I went through Legal Aid and they help a lot with getting the owner to allow my family and myself to stay here while we are trying to find a new home. My only income is social security disability and I do try to work a home base business. The twin's mother is in the home and out of work at this time bless her heart she is daily looking for work. My grandson works at the Hartfield Airport for years lives in the home and help a lot with paying rent and bills. I have been raising my two of 28 grandchildren since they were 3 and 4 months now they are 26 and 27 years old. They were raised to work and pay your way through life honestly and putting God first. I am saying that to say we will pay for our home but we don't know what to do right now. We want and is looking for a 4 bedroom with 2-3 bathrooms and a basement. However, we can go without the basement. We have 30 days left to stay in the home. The shelters will not take me due to the nebulizer machine for breathing treatments the oxygen bottles and the oxygen contractors that I have to use daily. The twins have to have the nebulizer machine when needed. We do not have a car so we were unable to check in and out daily from the shelters. Noone will be able to stay all day and night in the shelters you have to leave and return daily and hope they have enough room for my family size which is 5 people in the home. 


I am very committed to my community I love the idea of growth and developments. I was so grateful with the assistance from my Pastor Bobby Willams at Community Ministry Christian Church the Annie E. Casey Foundation our Community The Residential Leadership Team an Organization within our Community HouseProud Atlanta Green and Healthy Homes JP Morgan Chase Bank and Home Depot. We also had the support of our NPU-V and PCIA in which we were able to form the Pittsburgh Master Plan Code Compliance Assistance Program. The Pittsburgh Code Compliance Assistance Program provided no-cost home repairs to our senior's low-income residents in the Pittsburgh Neighborhood who have or think they may have code enforcement violations. Home Depot provided services to the VA Veterans and the VA Veterans Widows Green and Healthy Homes provided services to low-income families. Our success was 40 homes received repaired. 30 seniors home 7 VA Veterans homes and 3 low-income families homes.


These are services that I would love to see our Mayor of Atlanta and the Councilmembers in each Community and Neighborhoods keep up and running.


So now I need help and would like to know who can I go to for assistance for me and my family Thank You 


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