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Dear HOA of The Greens,


We received a letter last week regarding the excessive amount of trash and the ‘eye sore’ that we have created to The Greens since moving to our new home.  There was also a reference acknowledging that our trash was ‘blowing across the neighborhood.’  We would like to address all of the issues within the letter that we received.


  1.  The excessive amount of trash was placed by the curb, our curb, on the date of “BIG TRASH DAY” which is the first of the month.  In both times, we have placed extra black trash bags and boxes from our current move.  According to OKC trash, they have until Wednesday to pick up items from “Big Trash Day.”    We are at the mercy of when they can pick up the items, thus creating the ‘eye sore’ that was being referenced.   In addition, we have the right to place items outside of our house on these days for pick up and also have the right to schedule additional pick-ups  when needed for extra trash.   We have not ever placed extra items out for trash that were not on these days.  There has only been two times for your reference point:   September and October. 

  2. On the recent Big Trash Day, we did have out black trash bags that were sealed and closed; however, someone came by and slashed each one of the big trash bags, 15 total. It was not until we were home that evening that this was noticed and those items that could be picked up were done so at this time.  The bigger issue should be as to who came by and slashed all of our trash bags at night!!!!


We are working extremely hard to update our current house on the inside and out to help with increasing the market value of “The Greens.”  In doing so, this will create extra trash and  the need for Big Trash Days.  We have received positive feedback from majority of golfers on how nice the backyards looks now from cleaning it up.  Thank you Golfers.   


I am extremely displeased that “The Greens HOA” did not contact us and discuss the issues versus sending a very negative and offensive letter.  We would appreciate that it would be taken under advisement of when a new family moves into the neighborhood that there is an effort to establish a relationship with the new residents along with leniency  within the first few months.  I would recommend in the future that you would consider welcoming someone to the neighborhood, establishing a relationship that creates fellowship instead of creating negative emotions. 


Kelle Dawn Gaske

12700 Saint Johns Drive

Oklahoma City, OK 73120



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