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Asbestos Tests

I spoke with the manager Denise who manages our property.  She advised me that the air quality tests results came back from a company called Boulder Environmental.  The results were NEGATIVE.    It is a shame that others are trying to mislead us into believing that our health and lives are in danger when it is not true.  They have cost each of us more money by making false reports to goverment agencies, having the association fined as well has being forced to perform expensive air quality tests.  Those costs come out of our pockets. 

When you attempt to challenge the "fellows" (now super fellows?) on the information they are posting, they attack you by implying that you are to stupid to understand or remove information that is truthful in order to misdirect us, as owners and residents, to believe information that is simply, not true.  I know this to be true because everything that I have ever posted on their website that contradicts or provides evidence to the contrary of what they are saying is removed immediately.  An example of this happened yesterday when I posted my findings from the management company about the air quality tests.  Within a few hours of posting my discussion topic was REMOVED.

Why do these "super fellows" remove any information that proves them wrong or misinformed?  Why do they harass and stalk our maintenance people so that they cannot complete their work?  Why are they making repairs in the community (according to their website they painted and straightened the entrance sign on Broadway yet when I looked at it yesterday the paint was chipped and the sign was falling over again) that do not last?  Why do they say that they are "super" heros? 

If they are truly focused on the betterment of our community as they claim, then they need to think outside of themselves and focus on the welfare and well being of ALL of the homeowners and residents and stop representing their own selfish and self indulgent wants and needs. 



Posted by twebster on 02/14/2008
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