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Are chain link fences necessary?

Posted in: Payne-Phalen District 5 Planning
I'm under the impression that the inviting atmosphere of a neighborhood is hindered by the presence of chain link fences.

I understand that fences keep foot traffic off lawns and ground-level windows protected in apartment buildings butted close to the sidewalk, but fencing with a better appearence is cheap and available (maybe even moreso than chain link fences).

There is public fencing that runs along Mississippi St and along the sides of the Maryland bridge that's delapidated and probably never looked good even when it was new. Much fencing along rental properties and buildings is crooked/mangled. Chain fencing give otherwise welcoming homes a cold, uninviting exterior.

Other than keeping dogs and children in and property lines framed, why have fencing? I'd question it's value for security vs other fences/barriers, but why have it at all?

Robert Frost was wrong

I tend to agree on the aesthetic issue. There is a means of nfluencing and creating design guidelines through the District Council community plans. We are going to be reviewing our Area Plan in the next few months. You may want to join in that process. Fencing should be well maintained and not have an unsightly appearance. The City Code covers various types of fencing. Thanks for sharing your views.
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