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Dallas Police retaliating?

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I am curious to know if anyone in the neighborhood has received tickets for allegedly running at the stop sign at Hunnicut and Highland. Daily I see individuals blowing through the stop sign without making any attempt to stop, not to mention people speeding down Hunnicut at 50+ mph. I know of 2 different residents of CANA who have received tickets in the last week for allegedly not stopping at this stop sign when turning left on to Hunnicut. In both cases, the police officers issuing the ticket stated ''Y'ALL were the ones who complained, that's why we are giving out tickets.'' I am curious to learn if other neighbors have had similar experiences with DPD and if there is evidence demonstrating a pattern among the Dallas Police who patrol our area to punish the citizens of CANA for complaining about a very real safety issue in our neighborhood. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
Police Retaliation

I live on Hunnicut, and have not seen any police at the intersection of Highland & Hunnicut. Frankly, if they have a presence there, it could discourage crime. I would like to see traffic slow down on Hunnicut.
Speed and the Police presence

I live on Hunnicut as well and witness first hand the excessive speed that certain individuals display on our street. I do see police at times but I think that they are only looking for certain individuals in the Highland apts. They sometimes park in front of my home and just observe that area from a distance.

By anonymous too.....
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