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Scarsdale heavy trash pickup

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In Scarsdale it seems that alot of people wait till the heavy trash pickup has passed which is on the  4th Thursday and then the next day (Friday) they put it out and nothing seems to matter to the mafia that checks the area out.  Today Friday 5/30/08 approx 10:45 AM  the mafia was driving down Astoria Blvd and would stop in the left lane like he owned it In case the mafia checks this it was a white car and had a 09 on the back.  Couple of cars honked the horn at him but guess he owns the road.  He would own it if some one if a pickup hit him in the Axx.  I think they should do away with this Scarsday civic association.  They only pick on certian houses.  They should get a life cause without them I don't think Scarsdale would change.  It already looks pretty trashy and they don't do a thing about it.  Got houses with no garge doors, one with plywood for a door,  they would know if they did their job,  They were not forced into being on the mafia.

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