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Neighbors upset

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We just moved into our first home last December, everything has been going well.  We love being part of the community, and are taking pride in home ownership. 

Today, we received a note on our door from a neighbor saying our dogs are barking CONSTANTLY. 

While its true that our dogs do make some noise outside, playing and interacting with the neighbor dogs. its no where near constant.  

Maybe at most a few minutes at a time a few times a day.  Never past 9pm, or before 8am.  

We had the police called to the street for a similar complant the first week we moved in, although the officers said it did not appear that our house was the culprit.  

There are a LOT of barking dogs in our neighborhood.  


I don't want to have to re-home my dogs, but really dont think I;ll be able to get them to stop making any and all noise.  One of them is a hound dog for crying out loud!  its in his nature! 


I've searched the Farmington Hills website for Dog Barking law and found nothing.  

Has anyone else experianced this? 



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