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What to do about Washington St.?

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What do people want Washington St. in particular, and any of the commercial corridors in our area, to look like? What kind of stores, shops, services would make you stay here and do your buying from local business owners or chains with managers you know and trust?
What would your dream retail area be like?
New coalition formed to decide

We'll be asking key stakeholders about what next steps should be taken in organizing a new group to pursue improvement and redevelopment for the Historic National Road Corridor.
The first meeting is on July 26th at the Wayne Govt. Center
To continue this specific conversation, go to:
where you must have a Yahoo ID or Yahoo email account name to join the list. Choose if/how you wish to receive emails from the group members.

After over 10 years of campaigning, we've finally convinced the City of Indianapolis to conduct a Corridor Plan process for West Washington St. between North Tibbs Avenue and I-465. The actual "corridor" extends from Rockville Road to the railroad tracks south of Morris St. so even residential areas are being considered.

A first meeting has taken place in April and subcommittees are being formed to meet simultaneously starting on June 2, 2010.
Dozens of residents and business/property owners showed up to give input to the issues they think need to be addressed along and around W. Washington St.
Sidewalks--the lack of them, mostly--appears to be a big concern by many stakeholders in the area. Code enforcement problems also ranked high among some attendees, along with a variety of other issues discussed and noted. Each subcommittee will deal with specific identified concerns. Active input and candid conversation is welcomed by anyone wishing to be involved in the public process. Watch local newspapers for meeting times and locations.

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