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foot traffic from the woods

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Is anyone out there that can offer a solution for the foot traffic coming from the neighborhood just north of Heatherwood? Since they so ''cleverly'' blocked Summitcrest and brought their fence about 20 feet into my back yard, Ihave had a steady stream of people (not just kids) walking past my bay window. We have even had a man come to our sliding glass door asking for a ''desposable flashlight'' at 12:30 at night. Last week I was looking out and noticed about 4 girls making their way through my yard when one of them noticed me watching them she proceeded to take out her cell phone and take my picture as if I was the one doing wrong. I have contacted the Glennwoods Neighborhood association and they do not plan to extend the fence any farther. Does anyone have any ideas that would allieviate this short of reopening Summitcrest?
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If they're on your property, they're trespassing ?– plain and simple. Personally, I wouldn?’t waste any more time with the neighborhood association (Glennwoods) . Instead, I?’d go straight to the police about it. I might also consider posting no trespassing signage as well ?– just to make sure your position is clearly established. You should have some kind of legal right to keep these little twits off at bay. They're on your property and they?’re invading your privacy. I'd look into getting a fence too - if you are so inclined.

We got a 6 foot privacy fence going across the front of our property. However the house next door has a rickety regular size fence and they merely jump his fence that ajoins mine. When I asked Susan Nichols (president of the Glennwoods) if they intended to extend the fence that was stopped about 20 feet into the back of my property ,she said it wasn't in the budget. So instead of coming down Sumitcrest....
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