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meeting postponed

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Due to the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hoshana we are postponing the HOA meeting scheduled for September 29th. I am hoping to reschedule the week of November 10th, also at the Library.
We will get a letter out as soon as we have the new date.

In the meantime, please know that we are working for you, the homeowners. We are all in this together. We have a website almost ready to go, we are getting a PO box for all correspondence to be sent to, the roads are paved, the sprinklers are working and Croll is still paying for the water. This winter, since the roads are paved, the city takes over the plowing. The common lands are not yet turned over to the HOA, the ponds are doing well, they have been reworked and are doing well.
It is very important that everyone comes to the meeting as we will have a presentation of what we have been able to accomplish in an amazingly short period of time. We are still working on what you all told us was important to you. Just please remember, we have a small select few who have yet to pay dues, please encourage those you know to pay dues. We have some neighbors who are not happy with what is being done at their neighbors home. Talk to them and see if together you can reach a reasonable agreement. If you have not filled out the information form, please do, if you lost it, please email me and I will get you another one. We do plan on getting the committees set up at the meeting.

We need your help to get this neighborhood looking good. We need your help to talk with your neighbors. We need your help to prevent Orchard Hill from becoming a Shawnee Acres or an Eastman Heights. Together we can keep it looking great, and looking better. Nothing will be accomplished with the negativity from that neighborhood link website. We need to be unified, not divided. If you have questions, please ask.

Oh, and as far as flagpoles go. Put them up and fly the flag proudly. We are so close to Dover Air Force Base, we need to support our military as well as the local responders, the police and firefighters.

I really appreciate your help.

Janice Hall
Orchard Hill HOA

I'd like for you to elaborate on the "orchard Hill from becoming a Shawnee Acres or an Eastman Heights."  Is that supposed to mean that we don't "look great."  In case you hadn't noticed I live in Shawnee Acres and have a lot of friends in Eastman Heights and Orchard Hills and I am going to direct each and everyone of them to this website to read "we need your help to prevent Orchard Hill from becoming a Shawnee Acres or an Eastman Heights."

The only difference I can think of after reading this website is that we have a happy, friendly community without a board trying to run peoples lives.


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There are great people living in both Shawnee Acres and Eastman Heights, this was not a slight in the least to any of them.  It was purely about the aesthetic appearance of the developments.  ORchard Hill has limits on what can be put on a lot and what cannot be.  That means there will be no RV's in the driveway or side yard, no vehicles up on blocks being worked on, no sheds that are huge and falling apart. 

There are homes in both developments that are beautiful, and some that have fallen on neglect.  Our purpose is just to keep the pride of ownership at a high level for Orchard Hill.

So if i am 2 busy living 2 not cut the grass every week or leave some signs of life in the yard that makes you better than me?  It's go time!  Pick out anything in this room and i will lift it over my head (even if it is bolted down)!




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