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The Management Company acts on behalf of the homeowners and the elected board. They are not authorized to put a lien on any property unless instructed to do so by the elected board. The budget has to be approved by the homeowners and/or board depending on how it is written in the bylaws. The management company doesn't do the budget for any association.

The 2008 budget should be developed by the new board and presented to the homeowners. Lacrosse Homes no longer has control so January 1 a new budget and fees should be developed by the new board, distributed in writing and voted on by the home owners.

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Wow....this sight is wild.  After ready some of these postings it sounds like this development has alot of issues.  Mecury you are the only one that sounds like they know what they are talking about, I hope you are one of the members that on the board....Please say you are.....If not you need to be....  From what I have been reading on the posting, to be honest it sounds like we have some real winners on our board and very rude at that.  They think that everyone has this site and knows when the next meeting is ...I see that it's not even on the meeting posting (maybe they don't want everyone to know when the meeting is). The way I feel so far with this site is, it sounds like the new board members  have there hands full and don't really have the time or EDUCATION to handle the issues of this development.  Now that I have the meeting time, location and date I will send this out to all the neighbor myself because it sounds like the board members don't have the time or say they don't have the money.  Well that brings up another issue that they could be opening there self up to a lawsuit with not informing the residents of budgets, etc.  I wonder if they are insured for there own protection?  If not maybe they need to look into this for these reason.  My family thinks we should have left the hard and important paperwork stuff to a private agency that knows what the hell they are doing.  If they don't have the time or care to handle the small issues why did they fire the property company that just handling the paperwork and money issues. 

I will be at the next meeting and here are a few questions for the board members to be prepared for:

*  What about all the people that haven't paid the fees?  Whos' going to pay for that and how and who will pay for the attoney's of all the people that haven't paid.  If payments from the dead beats don't get followed -up on then I guess that would give everyone else the right not to pay next time around.  And with the boards member not following up and getting the monies would open there self up for lawsuits.

*Also budget is needed and minutes is needed to be sent to every resident regardless of cost.  Thsi stuff could be sent to everyone in person email or this site.  Now that I know about this site I will be making sure more people are aware, because I don't believe the board really cares and they don't have a clue on how important it is for the community to know whats going on.  

*All the voliations in the development, and it looks like alot of the board members are more in violation then most residents.

*look at are main entrance..you have neighbors wanting everyone grass to be green when the entrance landscaping is a mess and the grass is tall.  City of Milford needs to be contacted and Lacrosse needs to be fined like everyone else that has been called in for a inch tall grass.  What is wrong with everyone..they will freak out or look down on there neighbor but can't look at the real issues.

*Whats up with everyone parking in there lawns?  I thought this is what driveways and garges are for, or are the garges so full why don't they get a shed...OOOOOOOOO thats right you can only get a 8x10.

*Last but not least  if they can't handle the heat then get out of the kitchen and hire someone that can.Cool

I agree with what's up 100% about almost everything.  The board members are full of themselves.  They have just as many violations on their own lots as anyone else yet they never get called on it.  Now i dont speak for everyone by all means but i think it is because everyone else has a life and the first thing they think of when they get up in the morning is not about the small violations in neighboring lots they see giving them an excuse to feel important.  I am all for enforcing some laws in the neighborhood but when board members or residents in general start picking and choosing what gets enforced and what doesnt then trouble can quickly arise.  I can't count the number of times myself and other homeowners that i talk to have been hassled just by board members about trivial violations. 

Also if someone has a problem with me or anyone else in the neighbor they first need to go to the people they have a problem with and discuss instead of hiding behind the board (if this is happening, because every time a board member talks to me they always say they are talking on behalf of another homeowner).  If you really have a problem with something you need to have an honest and open discussion about it otherwise you don't resolve the real problem and instead just create more tension in the neighborhood between everyone.  Not to beat a dead horse but it is just cowardly to hide behind the board when you have a problem with a neighbor and if the board has a problem with something they need to say they have a problem with it and not other reisdents which again is cowardly. 

Bottom line there needs to be more communication between the board and the other members.  And those board members need to get off their pedestal and instead of addressing stupid stuff (which only they care about) worry about bigger issues like getting a lawyer, getting dues, making sure everyone is informed about what is going on in the board which includes letting EVERYONE know about the upcoming meeting, and so forth.

Keep fighting the good fight mercury and whats up

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Just because you are all uninformed does not mean the board is not doing anything. The roads are getting paved, the sprinklers have been fixed...obviously violations are being addressed.

I can't wait for this meeting b/c I think the board is going to shock you all with what has been done. *I am not on the board* but I have spoken to some who are...they are working hard. Back off.

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