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Hello Hayhurst residents. Do you know about the proposals for amending Title 34 of the city code? Increased density is the goal of the document which proposes many significant changes which will affect your property. Among the proposals is an allowance for building a home on one half of the zoned lot size. Obviously, that would result in substandard lots, crowding of houses close together in single family neighborhoods and a change in the character your area. The city council will hold a hearing on these proposals on February 16, 2000 at 6 PM. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact my email address. A summary document of the proposed changes is in progress and will be sent to you.

By Susan King
Re: Title 34

Hello Susan,

I may not have a very popular point of view, but I support Title 34. Not because it could increase density, but because of what the increased density could provide us. I won't go into the regional benefits of Title 34, but will keep it focused on the neighborhood. We live in a great area - close in, lots of families, lots of children, white collar and blue collar workers living side by side. I imagine most of us who live in Hayhurst would agree that homogenous neighborhoods are pretty darn dull. Affordability is a critical reason for our neighborhood's great mix and vitality. It allows younger families with children, single professionals and older retired folks all to be able to afford to live here. I moved here several years ago after a divorce, because I wanted to be close in and because I could afford a home here by myself. It's a little zero lot line commonwall house on a 3,000-sf lot, the type of place Title 34 would again allow (or may allow; I haven't read 34 so don't really know). My new wife and I kept it for a rental property when we started our own family in our new (for us) home right around the corner. We didn't want to leave the 'hood. The point is, I never would have bought here if I hadn't been able to find a house like this. Density and traffic arguments are pretty weak, when one thinks about the size of the lots in this older area and the level of traffic on most of the streets. Title 34 would spur development on a few scattered lots, which are either really big or have houses that aren't worth very much. It would not result in wholesale redevelopment. Too many nice homes already here.

I would be interested to see the thoughts of others.

By Howard Roll
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