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"Brother James" alert

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The Hawkeyes Neighborhood Watch area has had an ongoing problem with a panhandler who sometimes tells people that he is "Brother James".  He is a dark complexioned African American, who is about 5-10 to 6-0 with a stocky build. He is described as polite, articulate and well spoken.  He is usually well dressed.


Several people in the Hawkeyes area (which is south of Hampton to Glendale, between 77th and 80th) have had contact with this person.  He often comes into yards, including back yards, or to the door of the house.  Sometimes his story involves auto problems and the need to get to Madison, and asking for money to help him out of his temporary misfortune. Some people have been contacted multiple times.  Sometimes he is carrying a beer because he is "stressed."  He has used other stories including being recently released from prison, and having to visit his poor elderly mother in Milwaukee, and needing to get back to Madison to see his parole officer.  The same guy came to my door and told me he was a neighbor who lived several blocks down the street in a vague direction.


The same person has been active in the Hawkeyes area from last spring to as recently as early January 2010.  During the summer 2009, the police were called and reported that they had stopped and talked to the person.  Incidents have continued since then, and it is suggested that when calling the police, ask that he be cited or arrested. The non emergency telephone number for District 7 is 933-4444. They are on the lookout for "Brother James".


Its likely that if he frequents the Hawkeyes area, he may live in the vicinity, and may also be trying the same tactics in other neighborhoods.



 This is more of an update. We are still hearing about Brother James. We put out flyers to alert the neighbors in the 4600 and 4700 blocks of 79th and 80th because he was in this area last Friday, and while putting out the flyers we heard of another incident.


Its possible he might be going to other areas, but has certainly been busy in the Hawkeyes area.

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