Deed restriction enforcement??

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So, would anyone care to comment on the possible reasons that deed restriction enforcement is so lax in Briarchase recently?
What's up with this - is there a volunteer or staffing problem with VanMor?
I'd like to maintain my property values, not feel as tho I'm living next door to the Beverly Hillbillies - our homes are our largest investments!
Im right there w/you Jedd!

Im sick of it too! I mean whats the point of paying home owners??? I mean..we are looking really bad around here these days w/neighbors having 4FT Weeds for Landscape!

Guess Nobody reads this JEDD!

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changes coming

Breeze, you are going to see big changes in the deed restriction enforcement that has been done in past years. This current board has stressed to Van Mor that better inspections and more enforcement needs to be done. We are setting a new standard. We are a fairly new board of directors and are seeing things with a fresh eye and are seeing just what you are, there will be more strict enforcement of mowing and yard maintenance I assure you.
If you do see something that slips through the cracks don't hesitate to send me or any board member the address, or contact Vanmor and we will all look into the problem
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