Small Motorcycle Riding in St

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In our Neighborhood ''BriarChase @ Hambledon'' it isnt rare to see these new Miniature Motorcycles which seem just as Loud and annoying at the BIG one zipping down Daehne on thru Reindald. They are often riden by teen and not really adults at all. I thought I heard that they are Illegal to ride on or that that they are meant really for Older people(which is crazy because what adult fits on them). Anyway My point is that they are often seen riding in 2's side by side. I've come upon them driving into my Sub from Briarchase on to Daehne and these kids just seem to act like they are another Vechicle with the Right way. I never see Adults everye supervising these kids. Are they or arent they allowed to be rode in the streets is my question and if not Whom do we contact about a complaint.

By Patricia M

Patrica, in reference to your concerns about the scooters that are being driven around the neighborhood, there have recently been several laws passed that directly relate to the scooters you see. Up until these laws were passed there had been no clear cut laws that specifically address the scooters, leaving law enforcement no alternative but to let them ride. We did try to make sure they wore helmets but we still had no way to enforce this. Now with the new laws in effect we can deal with the scooters. If you would like to read more about the laws you can refer to the Texas Transportation code, subchapter D sections 551.301 and 551.302. I also have photos of the types that are allowed on the streets and the ones that are not.

I totally agree that these scooters are dangerous and without proper adult supervision it?’s an accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately I have had to work accidents involving these scooters with both children and adults. There are certain types of the scooters that are not allowed on the street or sidewalks. My suggestion is to call the Constables office when you observe them on the street. We will send a deputy out and address each individual situation.
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Small Motorcycles In Street

These concerns and/or violations should be reported to Ron Hickman Constable Pct.4. Phone number is 281.376.3472
They will dispatch a deputy to investigate the matter.
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Pocket motorcycles

As a regular rider of ''big'' motorcycles in our subdivision (and every time on Daehne St.) and the owner of a ''pocket bike'', I well understand both sides of your complaint, Patricia.
Ronnie Glaze's post regarding the legality of operation of pocket motorcycles is completely accurate - but he didn't address your comment about right of way - if you don't mind, I will.
Bicycles and motor driven cycles are another licensed, legal vehicle and do indeed have the right of way - just as any other vehicle of any configuration would have in similar circumstances. Those of us that ride would appreciate every vehicle operator's alert consideration and respect of this!
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