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I would to know how all think about kids and adults playing out in the cul-de-sac.
I cetainly have a very negative feeling about it.
I can tolerate kids riding their bikes or scooters or rollerskates.
I get irritated when kids are out there playing softball, football, or anything that has to do with throwing a ball. There had been a couple of incidences when the ball hit my front door. It was a good thing that the door is solid wood.
We had tried to those kids NOT to play ballgames in our cul-de-sac but they are not listening.
Even worse, adult males (homeowners even) were out there throwing football with the kids.
Why is this a problem?
First, my house is a 2-story house with a lot of windows in the front which located in the center of the cul-de-sac thus making it a favorites place for them to stand and catch ball. I get extremely nervous everytime they are out there playing. I am very afraid that one of these days the ball would break my windows.

Second, they ran onto my lawn which my husband works very hard to keep it green.

Any suggested solution for this?

Double posting and misspells

Sorry for the double posting and for the misspelled words. It is late at night.
I would report to HOA!

I dont live in a culdesac but I can understand your frustration and nervousness, thou too I understand that maybe to many in culdasacs they see it as their own playing ground. Thou clearly it isnt safe w/cars pulling in and out. I would think that the parents of those children tossing balls around would BE RESPONSIBLE to either keep the kids safe and in their own yard, or Expect to Pay the price of Repair to any damage. I think I would contact the HOA for complaint and have them send Letters out to everyone in the Culdesac regarding Safety and Responsibility of Paying for any damages. It really isnt safe to play in any ROAD. You can see kids playing all the time in the Streets in our Neighborhood and they often move just as your feet from them. Also no parents are every out supervising. I CAN NOT Understand how in this day and age Parents allow their kids to play Unsuperivesed in the streets? I mean Whats more important Neighbors. OWN UP to your responsibility and lets all live safe and happy!

By Anon Too
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