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Neighborhood Bulletin Re: SNOW

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The following is a message from Denver?’s Public Works Department: The snow removal team is fully deployed and has added contractors to help address the after-effects of the recent storm. In addition, we are planning for the next significant snow storm. To that end, we are mobilizing additional resources to the current snow removal team and will continue to look for other resources.

We are mobilizing every available piece of equipment. This includes graders, plows, loaders and light trucks from:

?· Public Works
?· Parks and Recreation
?· Additional Contractors (personnel and equipment)

We are mobilizing every qualified driver we can. They are coming from:

?· Public Works
?· Parks and Recreation
?· Parking Management
?· Wastewater Management
?· Contractors

Available resources require that we manage significant snow events strategically. We manage snow according to priorities based on public safety and efficient use of limited resources. The priorities are:

?· A and B Routes (Arterials and Collectors)

?· Residential Streets

Please note that plowing a street does not necessarily mean that we can plow down to the bare pavement. We do our best to get the A and B Routes down to bare pavement. On residential streets our goal is to make them passable for emergency vehicles and residents. This can mean that the street has packed snow but can be driven on by personal vehicles.

Tips to follow to protect your vehicle when residential streets are plowed:

?· When shoveling your vehicle out of an on-street parking spot, shovel the snow into your yard rather than into the street. When the street is plowed, it is likely that the snow in the street will be pushed onto your vehicle.

?· If you are unable to shovel the snow into your yard, attempt to shovel it as close to the curb as possible.

?· Shovel the snow into small piles instead of large piles. Large piles of snow turn into dangerous ice banks.

?· In anticipation of the storm, it is advisable to park vehicles in garages or other off-street parking structures if available.

?· Please work together as a community to assist elderly, frail and/or people with disabilities in your neighborhood.

We are currently doing the best we can to address individual requests for service. These requests are being prioritized and we will do the best we can to address the most severe. However, if and when the second storm begins we will no longer handle individual requests on a case by case basis. It is just not practical, effective or efficient.

Solid Waste will continue to collect trash as long as the streets and alleys are accessible. In order to manage the back-log and additional trash generated by the holidays, we will work through the weekend and holiday until we are ready to resume a regular schedule.

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