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I am a Land Surveyor on Long Island and most of my surveys are performed on Fire Island.

I recently read an article (Another Sandy Cost) by Roger Gendron inwhich he mentioned survey costs of "$350-$500".  FYI - those fees are from the 1960's.

To give you some idea of the work to perform an accurate survey:

1 hours research looking up the property info for the area - 1 man

atleast 4 hours of field work by atleast 2 men

3 hours office work computing & drafting the survey by 1 man


Add it up and the minimum manhours = 12 hours.


So you think it is profitable to charge less than $35-$50 per hour and run a business.  My mechanic charges $160 without any liabilities.


John C. Mayer, L.S.

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