Ridgedale Mew HOA President or Property Service Manager

Posted in: Ridgedale Mews

Hello all,  does anyone have any kind of contact information for the Ridgedale Mews HOA President or James Conway, the Managing Agent over Ridgedale Mews for our property service company?

I need to contact them immediately.  I don't want to have to wait until Monday and even then I hope not to have to go through layers of subordinates at the property management service.

 We are currently selling our home and a color violation was tagged on the HOA inspection, the problem is that it was not tagged when the inspection was done at the time of our purchase.  Mr. Conway himself signed off on that inspection.  We have not been cited on any inspection in the 3+ years that we've lived here, but now that we are attempting to sell our home we are tagged.  We just want to clear this up and get the president and managing agent to sign off on the report without any violation tags. 

We've contacted legal counsel in the event that Mr. Conway will not sign off and we will then seek damages for the inconsistencies in their report, of course we hope to avoid this and just go forward. 

Thanks guys, let me know if you have any of the contact information.

Hoping that someone was currently on the site.
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