Grey Cloud Island Township

Walkways and kids park

Posted in: Grey Cloud Island
Wanted to see what it would take to get walking paths added to the cloud. With the expected expansion of traffic, I think it prudent we revisit this idea. Many times I come around a corner and there is a walker. I think it great to walk but I fear for their and my safety. I can?’t even walk a stroller around the township.
Also, if a new town hall is discussed, renting is good but owning is better. If a new building is built and then owned by the township, could we add a kid?’s park play area, i.e. ''jungle gyms, tumblers etc... We could make the area more appeasing to the younger generation now starting to filter in. Model the park to fit 0-13 year olds? We could even add a walking track here? To restrict access to members only, maybe lock to the park or allow only township members to the park? Some how? Could we also add a hockey rink which would double a skate park in the summer? Again, locking the facility and only allowing residents? Could fundraising be an option? Ambitious but achievable.
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