Rodents and Pigeons

Posted in: Greenfield
Voles and mice, foxes and coyotes...and even pigeons. Why? Garbage, trash, too many and too large bird feeders for the lot sizes in Greenfield. How about a little common sense? Rodents congregate to where they find food, and they cause damage to property, endanger our pets and our health. Be respectful of your own property, as well as that of your neighbor and your community and keep Greenfield clean.

By Resident
Critters & Pigeons

Vols and mice, foxes and coyotes ... last time I checked, these species were indigenous to Colorado. Why anybody would target these animals as a problem is beyond me.

As for the pigeons, they only come for the bird feed. The residents who put out feed and attract pigeons deserve what they get. Unfortunately, the pigeons know no bounds, and dirty the neighborhood. Check out the street just South of the clubhouse ... pigeon galore.
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